Please contact our staff if you are interested in our “single-user practice only” packages. We offer two packages: 1) 10 hours for $450 for single-user piano practice to be used within 1 month only from the date of purchase; and 2) buy 10 hours get 1 hour free for all instrumental single-user practice for $400 to be used within 3 months from the date of purchase.



Please read Online reservation guidelines and Payment Method below before placing your bookings.


  1. 請用Whatsapp聯絡我們進行預約,請按此連結
  2. 請留下閣下之姓名及聯絡電話,資料不齊全恕不能接受預約。
  3. 收到閣下之預約申請後,本中心將儘快聯絡閣下確實。如閣下在預約一天後仍未收到本中心確實,請致電查詢。
    • 如閣下為本中心之套票會員,本中心將不會再致電確實。
    • 如閣下未成為本中心之套票會員,請先繳付租金。
  4. 請準時到達,遲到之時間將不獲補回。
  5. 不足24小時取消之預約恕不獲退款。

Online reservation guidelines:

  1. Please Whatsapp us for reservation. Please CLICK HERE.
  2. Please leave us your Name and Contact Number. We apologize we could not accept reservations without such information.
  3. We shall contact you as soon as we received your reservation. If you have not received our call within a day, please contact us.
    • If you are our member with rental package, we shall not contact you for confirmation.
    • If you are not yet our member, please pay in full in advance.
  4. Please be punctual. Late time shall not be reimbursed.
  5. A less than 24-hour notice of cancellation would not be refunded.


  1. 親身到本中心付款。
  2. 轉帳至本中心銀行戶口(南洋商業銀行 043-500-000-47484 – A Team),入數紙Whatsapp 或電郵(info at ateamstudio dot com)至A Team。
  3. 本中心將在收妥款項後作實預約。
  4. 所有已繳款項將不能退回,敬請見諒。
  5. 預約時間24小時前取消,款項由取消當天起計1個月內有效,逾期作廢。

Payment method:

  1. In person at our center.
  2. Bank transfer to our account (Nanyang Commercial Bank 043-500-000-47484 – A Team), and Whatsapp or email (info at ateamstudio dot com) us the deposit note.
  3. Your reservation shall be confirmed once payment is received.
  4. All amounts paid could not be refunded.
  5. Amounts paid for cancelled reservation would be valid for 1 month.