Upright Piano room

Press here for piano room reservation service.

Available Equipment:

Music Stand


鋼琴房 room B – Kawai US63H


鋼琴房 room C – Kawai US50


首60分鐘 first 60 mins 以後30分鐘 every 30 mins thereafter
Kawai直身琴 Upright $40 $20


Available equipment:

Music stand

Shure C608 microphones

Soundcraft FX16ii mixer

JBL EON 315 speakers

Folding tables

Folding chairs

Tama ImperialStar standard drumset

VOX Valvetronix AD50VT-XL guitar amp x2

Line 6 LowDown LD300 Pro bass amp

Yamaha CS2X synthesizer

Music stand

Guitar stand




Please contact us for hourly rates. Charges varies according to usages.




  1. 親身到本中心付款。
  2. 轉帳至本中心銀行戶口(南商 043-500-000-47484 – A Team),電郵(info at ateamstudio dot com) 或 Whatsapp (電話號碼 9305 9800) 至A Team。
  3. 以匯豐/恆生 Easy Pay 或 Jetco Pay 付款 (電話號碼 9305 9800)。
  4. 本中心將在收妥款項後作實預約。
  5. 所有已繳款項將不能退回,敬請見諒。
  6. 預約時間24小時內之取消當作已用,恕不退款。
  7. 預約時間24小時前取消,款項由取消當天起計1個月內有效,逾期作廢。

Payment method:

  1. In person at our center.
  2. Bank transfer to our account (NCB 043-500-000-47484 – A Team), and email (info at ateamstudio dot com) or Whatsapp (9305 9800) us the deposit note.
  3. Your reservation shall be confirmed once payment is received.
  4. All amounts paid could not be refunded.
  5. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours are deemed to br used and no refund is served.
  6. Amounts paid for cancelled reservation would be valid for 1 month.