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Sai Man Lau – My Beloved Son (2011)

Track 2 – Mr. EL (clip)


Track 7 – 7th Day (feat. Ed Lucie) (clip)


Abia Ng: Abia: Journey to Music

Beethovan – Piano Sonata No. 13 Op.27 (clip)

Dear Lord – Nick Vujicic

02 – Never give up on God – Jerald Vickers & Michael Luk (clip)

05 – Believe Belong Become – David Quah, John Laudon, Bon Gabriel, Michael Luk & Renee Chan (clip)

08 – Giant – Sterling Miller, Donyale Renee & Watoto Children’s Choir (clip)


Abia Ng: Spiral

Serendipity (clip)




Live recording excepts: 

Hong Kong International Guitar Festival and Competition 2014

Laurent Boutros
Laurent Boutros – Vals for Atom


Hans Christian Lumbye – Champagne Galop


Grigory Novikov
V. Kozlov – The Small Detective